Looking for help with compiler support (LLVM/GCC)

While I have gotten a GNU toolchain for MRISC32 to the point that it can compile C code (and some C++ code), there are many things that remain, and since I’m not a compiler person I could really use some help from someone with more experience.

For instance:

  • Create an LLVM back end.
  • Improve the GCC back end (e.g. improve code quality).
  • In GCC and/or LLVM:
    • Add proper builtins/intrinsics for MRISC32-specific instructions.
    • Add support for C++ exceptions.
    • Add support for more front end languages (such as Fortran).
    • Implement auto-vectorization.
  • Implement linker relaxations in binutils.
  • Etc.

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